The 5 Essential Gifts For Whiskey Fanatics

When someone in your life really loves whiskey, you soon begin to realize that while this person seems to be an easy one to shop for, it’s actually absolutely impossible. The easy option is buy a bottle of whiskey, but then you have to remember if they prefer bourbon or rye? What about a Scotch? Is this one too heavily peated? And then you have to think about if they’ve already have that bottle, or maybe they tried it and didn’t like it!

We find it’s best to skip the drama of hunting for the perfect whiskey and stick to gifts that expand and amplify their experience. Here are our 5 essential gifts for whiskey fanatics.

The Hero/Rebel Double Rocks Glasses

Hero/Rebel Double Rocks Glasses
If they’re a history buff, just stop what you’re doing and add these to your cart now. These double rocks glasses each represent an iconic figure from America’s Revolutionary period. Hero = George Washington, Rebel = Thomas Jefferson, Philosopher = Benjamin Franklin, Diplomat = John Adams. Bonus: they were manufactured and sand-etched in the US of A and made in partnership with the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation.
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The Speakeasy Decanter

Whiskey decanters are a great way to serve your favorite spirit for an after-dinner dram. This Speakeasy Decanter’s art deco inspired etching and pristine glass clarity will make your favorite bourbon or scotch glisten.
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Crystal Scotch Glasses (Set of 2)

Best scotch tasting glasses
Every scotch drinker needs these crystal scotch glasses. Designed to amplify the complex aromas in your favorite scotch—the angled sides and curved bottom gently lift those volatile aromatics straight to your sniffer. These glasses are also great for appreciating a well-crafted aged tequila.
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The Liquid Body Flask

Liquid Body Flask (black, white, and chrome)
Sometimes, a whiskey lover needs their favorite dram to-go, that’s why a good flask is a must have for any aficionado. The minimal design of this liquid body flask may seem plain at first glance, but each one is slightly different, thanks to a process called hydroforming (think steel + welding + water pressure).
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Drink Rocks Geometric Shapes

We love whiskey rocks for their ability to cool your drink without watering it down, but we’re obsessed with these geometric rocks for their unique shapes. Made with soapstone and marble, these rocks are finished by hand and easily fit into a standard rocks glass.
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