5 Gadgets Every Wine Geek Should Have

There’s nothing like a beautiful glass of wine. Why let a little hiccup like a broken cork or a dirty decanter ruin the experience? Every wine lover should be prepared for the unexpected, but it can be intimidating with the number of devices out there. We’ve tested the best tools and gadgets, and these are the ones that will make sure your evening ends with a lovely bottle of something, rather than a frustrating mishap.

Filter Wine Pour Spout

Best Way To Filter Broken Wine Cork
The idea of an old bottle of wine is romantic. A glass of old wine can be transcendent. In between the idea of the bottle and actually drinking the wine, though, comes the task of opening the bottle. Depending on how old it is and how long it’s been stored, the cork on that vintage bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon may be a little crumbly.

If you were just another person, you might go at it with a coffee filter. But you’re a wine geek, not just some schmuck off the street. That’s why you’re going to be prepared with the Filter Wine Pour Spout. Just insert this into your bottle, and pour your wine straight through. It will be perfectly filtered, and any residual harshness will be softened in the process. You can even leave the spout in the bottle as you’re enjoying it—pop in the leak-proof silicone stopper and leave it until you’re ready for another glass. And, to make it all the more foolproof, the whole thing is dishwasher safe.

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Decanter Cleaning Beads

These decanter beads are the easiest way to remove sediment from your decanter.
Ever tried to clean a decanter with a sponge? You’re left with streaks and missed spots. That’s why we love these decanter cleaning beads. Mix them with a bit of water, then pour them into your decanter (or Chemex or really any difficult kitchen vessel to clean), and swirl. Stains, spots, and sediment will disappear before your eyes. Then, pour the beads out, rinse them, and they’re ready for next time.

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Ceramic Wine Bottle Coaster

Best Ceramic Wine Bottle Coaster
Wine stains aren’t the end of the world, of course, but there’s an easy way to prevent those obnoxious ones that come from a drippy wine bottle. Meet the stunning Ceramic Wine Bottle Coaster, made in New York by one of our favorite potters. It can fit a standard Bordeaux-style, Burgundy-style or sparkling wine bottle, is dishwasher safe, and is a lovely and unique accessory for your dinner table. It also makes a thoughtful host gift! (i.e. buy two)

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Wine Breather Decanter

Best Wine Breather Decanter
Whether you’re opening up a $12 bottle or a $200 bottle, it’s important to get some oxygen into your wine. It releases the aromas, softens the texture, and guarantees that your wine is at its best. You could decant for hours or swirl your glass like a maniac until it opens up. Or, you can get this Wine Breather Decanter, which decants and aerates your bottle in under two minutes. It’s mesmerizing to watch and a delight to drink the wine after it’s opened up. Simply pour it directly from the decanter, or you can pour it back in the bottle if you prefer. Start finding uses for your other decanters (a vase? a pitcher?) because this will quickly become your one and only.

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Adjustable Wine Aerator

This is the best handheld wine aerator
When you’ve got the time to decant your wine, it can be a beautiful, meditative experience. When you’re short on time, it can be a huge hassle. Meet the Adjustable Wine Aerator, which simulates up to six hours of decanting in mere minutes. Simply set the amount of time you wish you could have decanted, pour your wine through (no obnoxious tubes to deal with!), and be prepared for balanced, top-notch wine that tastes like it’s spent hours luxuriating in a decanter. This is one of our desert island wine tools and quickly will become one of yours as well.

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