Five Posters Every Beer Lover Should Have

Are you a beer lover looking to spruce up your surroundings with something that conveys what a tasteful person and beer drinker you on? As fellow hopheads, we’ve scoured the internet for the best beer gear for your home or office and these are the posters that we just can’t live without.

The Beer Types of the World Poster

Best Beer Style Infographic Poster
One of our favorite things about beer is that it’s hard to get bored—there are countless types of beer out there and styles upon styles to learn about.

That’s why we love this matte, museum-worthy poster, The Beer Types of the World. It’s printed at Giclée—real-deal art—quality and lays out over 100 types of beer, from a Saison to a California Common Steam Beer. Unless you’re a walking beer encyclopedia, it can be hard to keep every style of beer straight in your memory and this poster lays everything out clearly and memorably. You’ll crush at boozy trivia night and impress all your friends with this one on your wall.

Top Hops Poster

Best Top Hops Harvested In America Poster
Hops, as you know, are the flower or cone of the humulus lupulus plant. And, as you certainly know as a beer lover, each brings unique flavor and character—an IPA brewed with Chinook hops will be different than one brewed with Citra hops.

If you’re a hophead (or even just a big fan of beer), this Top Hops Poster is the perfect way to remember your favorites. We designed it using statistics from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) on the top hops varieties from the top hops-growing states. As you’re sipping your juicy IPAs, you can simultaneously feast your eyes on beautifully-laid-out information about the wide and wonderful world of hops.

The Flavor & Aromas Profiles of Popular Hops Poster (Expanded Edition)

Best Hop Aroma Poster
You may already know the names of your favorite hops and the beers they’re in. Take your hop expertise to the next level with The Flavor & Aroma Profiles of Popular Hops Print (Expanded Edition). We lay out the most popular American, Australian, New Zealand, English, and German hops by flavor profile and aroma in an eye-catching, beautiful way. This must-have matte piece is printed on durable, archival paper and will look great in your kitchen, office, den, or wherever you enjoy your favorite hoppy beers. Whether you’re a beer pro or simply a pro at drinking, you’ll love having this striking, educational print around.

The Shandies of Summer Poster

Best Shandies of Summer Poster
Looking for a piece that alludes to your love of beer without being too explicit about it? Something colorful and cheerful that reminds you all year long of the joys of summer drinking out by the pool or on picnics?

Meet The Shandies of Summer Poster. This eye-catching Warhol-inspired pop art poster is printed on durable, matte, archival paper and is the perfect addition to any den, lounge, or bar area. Wherever you are, it’ll be summer year-round when this is on your wall!

Every Country’s Most Popular Beer Map

Most Popular Beer In The World Map Poster
This Every Country’s Most Popular Beer Map has been featured in the Economist, the Washington Post, Huffington Post, Refinery29 and hundreds of other publications around the world, and when you look at it, it’s not hard to see why. Putting this together took some research—we poured through dozens of sources, from research reports to corporate filings to definitively reveal the most popular beer in every country. From Skol in Brazil to Snow in China to VB in Australia, this map is gorgeous and fascinating to read. It’s also a conversation starter, so make sure to hang it wherever you like to crack a cold one with friends.