4 Tools to Properly Preserve Your Finest Wines

A “splurge-worthy” wine is hard to define. At times, it can be a stretch to spend $25 on a wine, and sometimes even cheaper, sentimental vinos deserve some extra care. No matter how much you paid for a wine, it makes sense to preserve it — especially when you really, really splurge.

For these situations, make sure you’re prepared to preserve your wines and have the tools you need to keep any wine from spoiling. We’ve compiled our favorite gear below so you can quickly fill your toolbox, relax, and say glou glou.

The Classic Wine Saver

It’s not enough to simply shove the same cork back into a wine bottle — and sometimes it’s frankly impossible. Leave ill-fitting corks behind with this miracle stopper that not only preserves but also pumps excess oxygen out of your wine. This will help keep your bottle from spoiling (which will be marked by a sharp, vinegar smell and taste in your wine) and ensure your wine is safe the next day — or hour — you return to it.

Mid-Century Modern Gold and Wood Wine Bottle Stopper

If wine tech doesn’t get your heart racing, this midcentury stopper will. Close your bottle in style with this acacia paneled stopper that will protect your bottle from excess oxygen, but also ensure you can still show it off half full — or half empty. The design also features gold plated, stainless steel accents and a food safe silicone base so your wine will stay safe until you’re ready to come back to it.

Heavyweight Champagne Stopper

The last few years have seen a rise in fizzy pet-nats and mineral-driven sparkling wines, but before you start imbibing, it’s important to make sure you have the right stopper. This stopper is great for Champagne, and can also preserve any other sparkling wine. Made from stainless steel with a tight, inner silicone seal, this stopper is heavyweight enough to keep your bubbly from going flat. It’s also restaurant-grade, so you can sleep easy knowing your Prosecco will be mimosa-ready in the morning.

The Grand Reserve Dual-Zone Wine Fridge (94 Bottle)

Best Expert Approved Wine Fridges
Finally, if you’re looking to preserve your wine before you even open it, you need to get a wine fridge. Refrigerating open bottles will slow oxygen’s ability to disrupt their taste and structure and ensure the safe storage of your finest wines.

Even your weeknight, impulse bottles will be grateful for the upgrade because this model can store up to 94 bottles at a time. With a sleek, stainless steel frame it’ll fit into any kitchen corner and keep your bottles at an optimal temperature 24/7. Best of all, it comes with a full year’s warranty on parts and labor, and five years of coverage on the compressor, so you’ll never have to worry about your wine tech again.