4 Types of Beer Glasses Every Beer Nerd Should Have

There’s nothing wrong with your favorite NHL-branded pint glass, but when it comes to beer tasting you might want to examine your glassware. Keeping a diverse, fully stocked lineup of beer glasses will ensure that you catch every nuance in your next flight — and give that hazy IPA the respect it truly deserves.

Where should you begin? These are the four glasses every beer nerd should have on hand to bring out the most of your favorite brews.

The Pilsner Glass

Best Craft Pilsner Beer Glasses

Here at VinePair we geek out about more than just wine, beer, and spirits. Proper glassware will always get us going, and there’s no other way we’d rather drink a pilsner than out of this glass. Designed in Germany, it’s made to enhance the aromas and flavors of your beer, while preserving the natural balance a pilsner can deliver. Best of all, these glasses are made from non-leaded crystal and are certified dishwasher safe.

The IPA Glass

Today, the IPA is one of the most popular craft beer styles, and often celebrated for its bold, bitter, and fruity hop flavors. That being said, brewers put a lot of work into differentiating their beers, and there are plenty of specific aromas and flavors to identify in every single brew! These notes are also what set different IPA styles apart, and so much easier to identify when you’re drinking out of a glass than a can. These glasses are specially designed to make tasting even easier, and are such a great shortcut for looking (and learning) like a pro.

The American Wheat Beer Glass

Before you blast-off to IPA town, you might want to make a day trip to the wonderful world of witbiers. American wheat ales are nuanced, refreshing, and built around a crisp hop finish so it’s important to find a glass that delivers these notes in every tasting. We love these glasses because they were designed by a panel of master brewers, and an easy way to serve anything from a Blue Moon to Bell’s Oberon.

The Lager Glass

these lager glasses are the perfect gift for beer lovers

Sometimes, it feels like everything falls into the “lager” category. When you’re cracking open a macro or Mexican lager at a bar, it’s easy to forget what kind of beer it is. But when you’re drinking at home — why not be a little more intentional? Treat yourself with this set of lager glasses, all made with non-leaded crystal in Germany, and certified dishwasher safe. Your beer will thank you, and the next time you’re tasting with friends, you’re sure to impress your crew.