3 Wine Cork Holders and How to Reuse Your Old Corks

Would it surprise you to know that the first corkscrews arrived in the 1680s? Ever since we first started serving wine in bottles — which was hundreds of years ago — humans have relied on corks and corkscrews to seal the deal for all our favorite wines.

Sure, screw capped wines have recently become more popular, but the screw crap was only created in the late 1950s (where it was known as the ‘Stelcap vin’). So the product certainly has a long way to go before it can compete with the cork’s legacy.

And that legacy is well deserved. Engineers and wine pros alike have spent several hundred years perfecting both the corkscrew and cork, and today’s oenophiles have found plenty of crafty ways to remove a cork without a “traditional” corkscrew.

That being said, many consumers are still struggling to figure out what to do with all those leftover corks once they’ve left the bottle. Some have compiled wedding day crafts, while others have found ways to sell them online for serious cash.

No matter your desired end result, you’re going to need to take collecting seriously if you want to cash in — or craft out.

For those looking to cut down on their cork waste, we’ve set aside some of our favorite cork holders for your perusal.

Read on to see our top three cork holders and learn more about the fourteen other holders you have to see to believe.

Corks of the World Wine Cork Holder

The best wine cork holder for wine lovers

This one is for all the globe-trotting, wine lovers out there. This globe setup is a super easy way to store or show off your wine corks while you’re collecting, and easily fits on any kitchen table or countertop.

Not only does the globe actually rotate, but it can hold up to 115 corks — which can save you a ton of drawer space, or extra waste on trash day. At less than three pounds this holder is also super lightweight, making it an easy decoration for any indoor or outdoor dinner party.

Chalkboard Wine Bottle Wine Cork Holder

The best wine cork holder

This cork holder is especially handy because it features a little chalkboard message area where anyone can leave a little note for their favorite wine-lover. Whether that note reads “Try the Prosecco in the fridge” or “Buy More Rioja” we’ll let you decide.

Playful metal and glass details wrap around this cork holder, making it one of our favorite kitchen table picks. Best of all, the holder features a secret trap door in the base for easy cork access!

Windmill Wine Cork Holder

The best wine cork holder for rustic kitchens

There’s no reason why you have to sacrifice style when it comes to collecting wine corks, and this rustic cork holder is all the proof we need. Celebrate your countdown to crafting with this windmill cork cage, which features a special rotating windmill.

Decorated with soft patina, this cork holder will make the perfect gift or pull together even the wildest kitchen. On the bottom you’ll find a trap door that allows you to fill the cage with up to 100 corks!

To see our full list of wine cork holders follow this link, and get ready to bring your cork dreams to life.