3 Beer Tees Only the Smartest Beer Nerds Will Understand

If there’s one thing we know, it’s what beer geeks want. Sure, the right home-brew kit can make or break your month, but you can’t wear it out to the brewery. Instead, it can be a difficult balance to find the right apparel to show off your interests without being too brash.

And for beer geeks, this can be especially difficult. Popular culture has all but taken over the category, with everyone from influencers to Hockey fans sporting their favorite Macro Brew tees. Even the phrase “I love Beer” isn’t enough to really show off your true beer knowledge anymore.

Of course, if you’re looking for the flashy beer apparel of your dreams, we’ve always got you covered. From our “Happy Beer Day” tee to the “Beer Helps” shirt, we’ve got plenty of options for your next tailgate. And hey, we know that some employers may need a gentle reminder come 4:59 that it’s almost time to call it quits, so yeah, we’ve got a “Beer o’clock” hat.

But for those who are ready to separate themselves from the pack, we’ve got a little extra something up our sleeves. That’s right, our beer apparel gets down to the nitty-gritty and highlights more than just your favorite macro brew or catchphrase.

When you’ve come this far and really studied the science behind beer and brewing, you may want to wear it on your sleeve. So for those that are ready to really show off their beer knowledge — and frankly “geek out” — we’ve rounded up our favorite tees for true pros.

Reinheitsgebot Beer Purity Law T-Shirt

The best gift for beer fans: Reinheitsgebot Beer Purity Law T-Shirt

There’s no room for your favorite oat milk stout here. Instead, we’re returning to the basics with this Beer Purity tee which features the core recipe for every brewer’s favorite beverage: Barley, Hops, and Water.

For those that are unfamiliar, Reinheitsgebot, or the German Beer Purity Law of 1516, stated that beer could only be made with barley, hops, and water. The tee reflects a simpler time before hard seltzer rolled in to dominate the category, so if you’re a true beer purist, you already know what you need to do next.

Nice Hops T-Shirt

The best gift for beer fans: Nice Hops T-Shirt

If 16th century beer laws aren’t quite your style, you can fast forward to today with this iconic hops tee. Show a little love to four of our favorite hops, and the magic plants that bring every beer to life.

Made with super lightweight cotton, these tees are available in every size from small to- 4XL, making them a great gift for everyone in your favorite beer crew.

I Only Drink IPA T-Shirt

The best gift for beer fans: I Only Drink IPA T-Shirt

While most beer geeks will do their best to try every beer style or seasonal release they can get their hands on, there are some purists that know themselves too well to drink a Saison. For those fans, we’ve got the perfect tee that sums up their interests concisely.

Leave farmhouse ales and pastry stouts in the dust with this tee and prepare for the hazy, hoppy pour of your dreams. Available in a range of sizes, this fan fave will go quick so make sure to scoop one up if you’re a true IPA believer.