12 Shirts For People Who Love Wine

You’re a wine lover; why not let the world know? Rather than name-dropping those expensive bottles of Bordeaux you had (you’re a wine lover, not a monster), just have a few choice wardrobe pieces on hand to broadcast your good taste. Here are our favorite shirts for the wine drinkers of the world—each of them insanely comfy and going up to 4XL.

Champagne Please T-Shirt

Best Champagne Please T-Shirt
Sometimes, we relegate Champagne to a special-occasion wine. Well, we think you deserve it much more often. Take your bubbly drinking to the next level with this unisex “Champagne Please” t-shirt. It’s a light, 100% cotton tee that you can wear to brunch, dinner, and wherever you may need a flute of the good stuff.

My Wine Drinking T-Shirt

Best This Is My Wine Drinking Shirt
“This is My Wine Drinking Shirt,” says your new favorite tee in bold Burgundy letters. It’s unisex and crafted from super soft baby-knit jersey, so it’s appropriate and delightful to wear whenever you feel like it. Wear it to parties, on Zoom calls, and whenever you’re pouring yourself a glass of something you love.

Screw It T-Shirt

Best Screw It T-Shirt
So, you’re the witty wine drinker of the group. Let everyone know with this super soft “Screw It” tee, featuring an illustration of a corkscrew. It comes in black, navy, forest green, ocean blue, and red. When the going gets tough, the tough go get some wine (or something like that).

In Wine We Trust T-Shirt

Best In Wine We Trust T-Shirt
Has 2020 left you with some trust issues? It sure has with us. That’s why we’re obsessed with this “In Wine We Trust” tee. Rather than getting a spur-of-the-moment tattoo or cutting your bangs, it reminds us all to turn to wine in our times of need. The tee comes in a range of head-turning colors like heather deep teal, heather midnight navy, true royal, red, and heather raspberry and comes straight from the box fitting and feeling like that favorite tee you’ve had for ages.

Team Wine T-Shirt

Best Team Wine Shirt
In this time of political divisiveness, it’s important to have something we can all stand behind. That thing is wine. Let the world know you’re Team Wine with this soft, lightweight shirt made from preshrunk fabric (i.e., you won’t lose this one in that constant battle with your dryer). It’s nice to know you’re on the winning team, and with Team Wine, you’ll certainly never lose!

No ‘Pagne, No Gain T-Shirt

Best No Pagne No Gain Champagne Shirt
Some folks say, “No pain, no gain.” We think that’s better stated as “No ‘Pagne, No Gain.” After all, Champagne makes everyone’s life better! This fun shirt, coming in white, black, and forest green, is a clever way to let those around you know that it’s time to crack a bottle of the good stuff. Bubbly for everyone!

Wine Helps T-Shirt

Best Wine Helps T-Shirt
You know what helps? Wine. The “Wine Helps” t-shirt is an excellent reminder that wine may not fix everything, but it sure can help. The cheeky, supersoft pre-shrunk shirt comes in white and heather.

Bring Me Wine T-Shirt

Best Bring Me Wine T-Shirt
Do you need a glass of wine? Let the world know with this “Bring Me Wine” t-shirt. It comes in white, heather, royal blue, and pink (so almost one for every day of the workweek, just saying!). It’s comfy, well-fitting, and gets straight to the point.

Sassy, Classy, Wine in My Glassy T-Shirt

Best Sassy Classy Wine In My Glassy Shirt
We all need a little more wine in our glassy, right? Make sure to sport the Sassy, Classy, Wine in My Glassy T-Shirt whenever you’re out, so folks know exactly who they’re dealing with—a smart, witty wine lover who will order the good stuff and tip well at the end. The shirt comes in white, heather, aqua, and pink. Pinkies up, friends!

Bordeaux Baddie! T-Shirt

Best Bordeaux Baddie Shirt
Or maybe you’re more of a Bordeaux Baddie. Let everyone know your good taste with this soft, well-cut shirt, which comes in black, heather, and aqua. You may not be able to bring a glass of Bordeaux everywhere you go, but you can wear this shirt, so everyone knows exactly what to pour you.

99% Chance of Wine T-Shirt

Best 99% Chance of Wine Shirt
We checked the forecast, and there’s a 99% chance of wine whenever you show up! Be proud of your weather pattern and wear this shirt, so folks know to keep a bottle around for you. It’s soft, lightweight, and comes in white and heather.

Wine: Daily Serving of Fruit T-Shirt

Best Wine Daily Serving of Fruit T-Shirt
You’re a responsible adult and get your daily recommended serving of fruits. Sometimes, that fruit may be in the form of wine, but hey. Put on your Wine: Daily Serving of Fruit T-Shirt and let the world know that you’re a responsible, fun-loving grownup who enjoys the finer things.