10 Hilarious Valentine’s Day Shirts For People Who Love Drinks (2021)

After a year like 2020, we could all use a little more humor in our lives. That’s why in 2021 we’re taking every chance we get to make ourselves smile, especially when it comes to the shirts we wear during those long, romantic walks to the wine fridge on Valentine’s Day.

Whether you’re coupled up or flying solo this Valentine’s Day, we can all agree that there’s nothing better than looking your best and enjoying a really good bottle of something delicious. Thankfully, these shirts can spice up even the most casual of nights in, with their hilarious, original graphics.

Get a matching set for you and your special someone or pair one with a bottle of wine as a care package for the forever single crowd. Whatever your situation may be, at least there’s wine and a reason to giggle.

Please Be Wine Candy Heart Shirt

Who needs “Be Mine” when really all we want is wine? Available in seven colors.

Love Is A Box of Wine Shirt

Love is like a box of wine, you never really know how it’s going to end. Available in four colors.

To All The Bars I’ve Loved Before Shirt

Boys are a dime a dozen. A go-to bar that’s always there for you? That’s a real connection (even if the feelings aren’t always mutual). Help create some closure with this shirt inspired by one of the most adorable romantic comedies ever. Available in five colors.

Couple Of The Year Shirt

There’s no love truer than the love between wine and cheese. This shirt reminds us that no matter what Cupid might have in mind for our own love life, wine and cheese will always be there. Great for couples! Available in three colors.

I Prefer Rosé Shirt

Roses are fine and dandy, but to be honest we’d rather have a cold glass of rosé. Available in three colors.

XOXO Vino Vino Shirt

Sometimes a good glass of wine is just like a hug or kiss from that special someone. Available in three colors.

Vino Valentine Doodle Shirt

When we start thinking about our vino valentine our mind trails off and we find ourselves doodling in the side of our notebooks like we’re back in high school. We love this soft and lightweight shirt for the unique doodle art graphic that is great for Valentine’s Day but can still be worn all year long. Available in six colors.

Wine Is My Valentine Shirt

Forget relationships, this year we’re dedicating our Valentine’s Day to our one true love — wine. Available in four colors.

Beer Mine Shirt

Who says beer lovers can’t have any of the Valentine’s Day fun? Will you beer mine? It’d make me extra hoppy. Available in four colors.

Who Needs Love When There’s Margs Shirt

There’s only one true love in our lives, and their name is Margarita. Available in three colors.