How It’s Possible to Make Great Organic and Natural Wines in Argentina


How It’s Possible to Make Great Organic and Natural Wines in Argentina

How It’s Possible to Make Great Organic and Natural Wines in Argentina How It’s Possible to Make Great Organic and Natural Wines in Argentina

This will be an experience from Farm to table, Table to Soul that reflects Santa Julia’s daily respect for and commitment to nature. These wines are meant to be enjoyed at your dining table with friends, family & the freshest food. The wines were produced with little intervention with pure intentions, just as your food is from the farm to the table. For Santa Julia, being sustainable doesn´t just apply to taking care of the soil but also the people that work it, and the community that they are part of. The #1 organic wine producer in Argentina, with 754 organic acres certified born at the foot of the Andes Mountains. From the beginning, Santa Julia has worked consistently and decisively in all parts of the winery´s area of influence. They organize activities in support of education, sports, recreation, and culture. They implement social initiatives that benefit the employees and their families because companies are their people, at Santa Julia Winery, it matters! This is what sets Santa Julia apart as a leading producer of affordable organic wine. This is their story!

Thursday, June 25th, 4:30pm ET

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Jose Zuccardi

In 1991 Jose Zuccardi entered the international market, making Familia Zuccardi one of the main exporters from Argentina. He is the force that made Zuccardi one of the top three exporters of Argentinian wines. From 1992, José Alberto focused on quality; developing the project of high end wines Zuccardi Q, one of the first premium wines produced in Argentina was launched in 1999. Innovation is one of the core values of the company and a personal characteristic that led to development of new products, experimentation with international grape varieties and continual investigation. This has all contributed to the overall wine industry of Argentina.

Julia Zuccardi

Julia Zuccardi was born in Mendoza, Argentina, in 1982. She is the third generation of Zuccardi ́s to immerse herself in the production of fine wines from Argentina. It was her father, in fact, who created a new collection of wines, which he named “Santa Julia” after her in 1994. Since 2008, Julia has been working full time at Familia Zuccardi. Today she runs Casa del Visitante, which oversees the tourism division of the company, with the goal of providing visitors an authentically Argentinean wine and cultural experience. Under Julia’s watch, Santa Julia offers many unique visitor experiences including: hot air balloon rides, horseback riding in the vineyards, wine tastings and cooking classes, and art “cellar” and Pan & Oliva.

Keith Beavers

Keith is VinePair’s Tastings Director. He is a wine lover and self taught wine geek who has owned a wine retail shop as well as a wine bar and restaurant for over a decade. Keith’s goal is to educate wine enthusiasts on how to enjoy and live wine without pretense. He loves teaching, and explores past the myths of wine so that people can walk away with confidence in their own wine knowledge. Listen to his podcast “Wine 101” for all things wine!