Wine Festivals You Need To Check Out

We love to drink wine with friends, as we’ve written about several times here on the site, and one of the best excuses to drink with others is at wine tastings and events. Tastings aren’t just a great excuse to socialize with others, they’re also a great opportunity to learn in a non-pretentious environment. When we first started learning about wine, it was group wine tastings with friends that allowed us to feel comfortable asking the “stupid” questions, and realize that everyone else was wondering them too. It was also these experiences that helped solidify awesome friendships. So yeah, wine tastings are pretty awesome.

In the spirit of sharing our love for wine tasting, we wanted to highlight a few upcoming festivals and tastings for you to check out. We found out about all of them via Local Wine Events, a site devoted to people seeking information about “local” food and drink events. There are a ton of options on the site so if you don’t see something out of what we’ve chosen, head on over and search for yourself!

Header image via Flickr “Wine Festival 2009 Lemesos” by George M. Groutas

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