We’ve made our opinions clear about how many different wine glasses you need. Hint – not a lot! Riedel is largely responsible for the proliferation of a seemingly endless variety of glasses that ‘enhance’ the drinking experience of very, very particular different wines. But the new $20 Coca-Cola glass? We’re calling bullshit. The shark as they say, has been jumped:

Riedel Has Jumped The Shark With It's Coca-Cola Glasses

From The LA Times:

It happened like this. In 2013, Coca-Cola approached Riedel to see if he’d be interested in creating a double-walled glass, something Riedel had no capability of producing, given the technology required. Riedel told them that, but said he would be very interested in producing a glass specifically for Coca-Cola.

“It was always a dream of mine 25 years ago when I started the wine glass campaign,” he explains. “I always told journalists that it would be my dream to create a glass for the most popular beverage in the world.”

I bet.

Shark jumped!