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More great news for wine drinkers! In a recent study conducted by researchers from Brock University and McMaster University in Ontario, it was found that both red and white wines halted the spread of lung cancer. And if you happen to have a preference for red wine, there is even more to be happy about, as it was red that was found to be the most effective.

While there have been many studies as to wine’s health benefits in regards to the heart, studies regarding wine and its effect on cancer have been limited until recently.

According to The Drinks Business:

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For the recent study, researches measured red and white wines’ impact on non small-cell carcinoma lung cancer cells by exposing samples of lung cancer cells to Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and Riesling sourced from producers in Ontario. Red wine effectively stopped the spread of cancer cells at 2% concentration, while similar results didn’t happen for white wine until 5% concentration.

The study’s next step will be to use doses of wine on the cancer cells that equate to the normal human wine consumption of one to two glasses a day. If the results prove as positive as this recent study, the researchers intend to move on to clinical trials.

Another great excuse to have a glass of wine.