Drunk CatOne cat in Germany took the lyrics from Kanye West’s Run This Town to heart, truly “beasting off the riesling.” But that hard partying came with a cost in the form of a three day long hangover.

Aljosha – the cat who had a bit more Riesling than he should have – had taken to wandering around the little German town he lived in, when one day he discovered an entrance to a neighbor’s wine cellar. After discovering the cellar, the cat managed to break three bottles of the wine worth about $50 and lap all of the delicious riesling up.

broken Bottles
Taken by Norbert Ganser at the scene of the crime.

When Aljosha didn’t return home for his normal noon feeding, his owner went looking for him, and that’s when the cat was discovered passed out on the floor of the cellar, surrounded by bottles. His owner quickly rushed him to the vet who hooked the cat up to an IV where he remained for 3 days nursing what must have been a dreadful “Kater” which is ironically the German term for a hangover.

And it seems this is a hangover Aljosha will not soon forget, not only has the cat steered clear of wine bottles since this experience, but he’s also now even a bit timid about drinking water, for fear that any liquid will repeat those dreaded effects. We can all sympathize, right?

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H/T Bild