Alcoholic Cotton CandyWhat would the effect of alcohol be if it was eaten instead of drunk? Thanks to two British entrepreneurs, that question now has an answer in the form of the world’s first edible alcohol shop. Melanie Goldsmith and Emil Bernard have combined elements of classic cocktails with sweet confections to create treats that allow you to eat your drink. It’s all very Alice in Wonderland.

The idea behind the shop is for patrons to be able to smell, touch, eat and even catch their cocktail. The confections sound as if they’re straight out of the Mad Hatter’s tea party with confections including jars of candy floss which you combine with vodka in order to dissolve the floss and create delicious alcoholic crystals.

Candy Floss Jars

Other creations include an adult version of Fun Dips where the powder is an edible Pina Colada instead of flavored sugar. There is also boozy cotton candy, edible alcoholic glass, and more. Each piece of candy is about half a shot of liquid booze.


If you want to partake, the shop won’t be around for long. It’s open now through Christmas Eve.