Polar Bear Wine Party

The life of a Polar Bear is tough. The Ice Caps are melting, food supply is running low and it’s freezing. It’s no wonder then that a bear might seek a glass of wine or two to calm her nerves.

While filming his recent wildlife documentary, The Hunt, this past month in the Arctic region of Svalbard, David Attenborough and his crew had to seek shelter from a Polar Bear who simply wanted a glass of wine.

According to the crew, they first encountered the bear when they returned from a day of filming. The door to their cabin had been ripped from its hinges and food was strewn about the floor. On a quick examination however, it was apparent the bear hadn’t taken anything. Everyone went about their day.

However a few days later the bear returned, and this time she found what she was seeking. When the crew returned from filming they again found the door ripped open, but instead of simply finding evidence of the bear, they found her passed out on her back, with a wide red wine stain across her face.

The bear had discovered the box of wine the crew usually enjoyed after a long day of shooting and she had consumed its entire contents for herself.

While the crew was upset about all of their wine being consumed, they also felt a bit bad for the bear, because when she woke up, she was clearly a bit groggy and disoriented. She must have had one hell of a hangover.

H/T Daily Mail