Several of us wine lovers out there love our dogs just as much as we love our vino, so why not combine the two?! We scoured the internet to find 9 items that no dog-loving wino should be without.

Wine Fit For a Frenchie

Frenchie Wine
Who doesn’t love wine with an adorable French Bulldog on the label?!

Don’t Drink And Sniff

Dog Wine Bottle
This guys enjoying your wine a bit too much!

Save Wine And Dogs!

Rescue Dog Red
These candles reuse old wine bottles and all the proceeds go to protecting our canine friends.

Dog Stoppers

Dog Stoppers
While it’s probably only a rare occasion that you have leftover wine, when you do, plug the bottle with these delightful stoppers.

Doggy Day Bed

Doggy Day Bed
How about a relaxing nap in this reclaimed wine barrel?

Dog Wisdom

Dog Wisdom
Never forget the wisdom we learn from our pets, even when relaxing with a glass of vino.

Guard Your Wine With The Most Famous Guard Dog

Doberman Wine Holder
No one will lay a finger on your favorite bottle!

A Well-Aged Pup

Pet Home
This is our favorite find, an old wine barrel that’s been converted into a dog house!

Drink Wine, Save Animals

Save Animals
Our sentiments exactly.