Lava lamps defined a decade, and now they’re defining people’s drinks. At The Honeywell in Harlem, New York, a cocktail called the Funkadelic is served out of a functioning lava lamp for the ultimate 1970s vibe.

The Honeywell is a 1970s-themed cocktail bar in upper Manhattan with a distinctly 70s feel. The Funkadelic cocktail, however, has a fully modern, balanced taste. It’s made with pisco, Velvet Falernum (a spicy sweet liqueur), Italian dry vermouth, citric acid, tonic, and frozen Chianti.

The drink is served in old lava lamps that are thoroughly cleaned out. First, the drink is built in a shaker. Then the lava lamp is filled with tiny balls of ice and frozen wine, and the drink is poured in. Finally, it’s topped and served with a long bendy straw.

The uptown funk is real.