A pink-hued premium tequila is soon coming to Don Julio’s portfolio.

The brand announced the permanent addition of a rosado tequila to its lineup on Thursday, according to an emailed press release. The reposado, which hits 40 percent ABV, marks Don Julio’s foray into something a bit more unexpected.

The additive-free spirit retails for $125.99 and is currently available for presale on ReserveBar.

The liquid, which uses the same base as Don Julio’s classic reposado but aged in a different vessel, is matured for four months in ruby port wine casks. The vessels’ tannins impart the signature pink color, Don Julio global ambassador Karina Sanchez tells VinePair.

Don Julio Rosado is a medium- to full-bodied spirit with a slight rosy hye, according to Sanchez. Expect aromas of red fruits, plum, and caramel. It’s slightly warming on the palate and includes a touch of sweetness with notes of fruit and cocoa.

Rosado is positioned as a new, daytime-friendly reposado, following Don Julio 1942’s success in the nightlife space. The newest launch intends to provide a high-quality option for afternoon sipping, Diageo senior vice president Christina Choi tells VinePair.

“What we wanted to do is give consumers that incredible luxury tequila experience, but more grounded in daytime drinking,” she says. “There really wasn’t anything, from a luxury tequila standpoint, that was really meeting that need. And so, through the innovative spirit of Don Julio, we really wanted to create this reposado that’s so incredibly smooth with these beautiful characteristics.”

While rosé may be summer’s trendiest pink drink, Don Julio is betting on rosado to capture luxury-minded consumers, all year round.