A Taco Bell will now serve alcoholDespite their recent GMO controversy, Chipotle knows how to do fast food right. Everything is delicious, not overly greasy, and affordable. Best of all, they serve margaritas made with real tequila and juice. Now it looks like Taco Bell is hopping on the amazing trend of fast food eateries serving up liquor.

According to First We Feast, an in-the-works Taco Bell establishment in Wicker Park is trying to obtain a liquor license for when they open up their doors this summer. In the past, here at VinePair we’ve enjoyed snacking on Crunchwraps while sipping wine, and it now seems the fast food chain is catching onto the fact that their food tastes best with a side of booze. Unfortunately, T-Bell isn’t giving out any information as to what they’ll actually be selling. While we paired our Crunchwraps with $150 red wine, we’re guessing the chain will go for something “Mexican” themed, like Chipotle’s margarita or cerveza.

Regardless, a drive thru chain like Taco Bell offering booze poses some legal risks. Plenty of “chains” offer alcohol, but they’re traditionally more sit-down places, not places you swing by to grab grub on the go. Perhaps Taco Bell will limit the distribution of liquor via their drive thru locations.

No matter what the situation is, can we please hope for something incorporating the word “Doritos?” What are your guesses as to what the T-Bell drink will be?

H/t First We Feast

Images courtesy of Taco Bell