Get ready: Lidl, a mid-Atlantic grocery store chain and budding Aldi rival, is launching a massive wine sale. Starting Thursday, May 17, the discount German supermarket is offering up to 30 percent off of a selection of over 30 bottles of red, white, and rosé wines.

The week-long deal applies to mix and match six-packs and arrives just in time to stock the cellar for Memorial Day celebrations.

The supermarket chain has a reputation for offering award-winning wines at rock bottom prices—occasionally, with chaotic effect. When bargain Prosecco hit the shelves of its UK stores last summer, hordes of disgruntled shoppers were left empty-handed after supplies of the discounted Italian fizz sold out within minutes.

Want our advice? Find your nearest store, get there early, and leave with as many six-packs as you can physically carry. You can raise a glass to us later.