This Bloody Mary mix isn’t for the faint of heart — or the faint of appetite.

Stouffer’s — yes, the brand known for its cheesy frozen lasagna — is marking its entrance into the spirits world with an upcoming promotion. The brand’s lasagna-inspired cocktail mix is everything of your savory Bloody Mary dreams, according to a Nov. 1 emailed press release.

“For decades, Stouffer’s Lasagna has had a special place at holiday tables,” Stouffer’s brand marketing manager Megan McLaughlin states in the release. “This season, we created a new way for our fans to enjoy the same classic Stouffer’s Lasagna taste without turning on the oven. Our Bloody Mary Mix is the perfect addition to any holiday breakfast, brunch, or happy hour.”

The brand recommends popping a bottle of this herb-filled and slightly nostalgic Bloody Mary mix at holiday gatherings.

Suggested garnishes include green olives, mozzarella pearls, cherry tomatoes, pepperoncinis, and an entire slice of lasagna precariously balanced on a toothpick. You know, just in case you get hungry. To top it off, Stouffer’s rims its Bloody not with coarse salt, but with shredded mozzarella, providing cheesy goodness with every sip.

The classic Bloody Mary build includes vodka, but as this product is already verging on unorthodox, feel free to play around with different spirit combinations.

A limited number of one-liter bottles of the Bloody Mary mix will be available — for free! — on Stouffer’s merch website beginning Nov. 14 at noon EST. Orders will include a coupon for a free Stouffer’s lasagna as well as recipe ideas for the spicy tipple.

Bring this mix to your holiday brunch gatherings — we dare you. Mamma mia!