The kitchen appliance best known for making flat water sparkle has a new trick up its sleeve. SodaStream’s latest innovation is Sparkling Gold, an alcoholic mixer that supposedly tastes like Riesling and your dreams. When added to sparkling water, the company claims it creates a Champagne-like concoction.

This limited-edition product debuted during an independent market research test in Germany in October. According to the company, 76 percent of those who tried Sparkling Gold liked it just as much (or more!) than notorious Champagne brands Moet & Chardon and Veuve Clicquot.

Sparkling Gold is 10 percent alcohol by volume when added to sparkling water using the recommended ratio of one part Sparkling Gold to five parts sparkling water. One 200 milliliter bottle of Sparkling Gold yields 12 servings.

Sparkling Gold is currently only available in SodaStream’s German online store.