As if a summer spent patio-sipping Prosecco couldn’t get any more appealing, Rose Gold Prosecco is now a thing and We. Want. All of it.

According to Bustle, the UK based store Lakeland is now selling raspberry flavored rose gold glitter, A.K.A. the perfect addition to your already sparkling wine.

Rose Gold Prosecco Glitter is Now a Thing

Raspberry Shimmer Popaball” retails for £6.99 on the shop’s website. Sadly, they have yet to announce international shipping. But with the incredibly high demand the product has been receiving we wouldn’t be surprised if the glitz became a worldwide phenomenon. It’s already out of stock.

Bummed to be without gluggable raspberry glitter this summer? Add it to the list of reasons to visit Europe and finally justify that backpacking trip you’ve been dreaming of. Like they say, don’t let anything dull your sparkle.