Pretty Soon, You Can Go Gaga for Grigio Grapes

Brace yourself, little monsters– you can now go Gaga for grapes grown by the Mother Monster herself. TMZ reports that Gaga is set to launch her own wine brand entitled “Grigio Girls,” which will include not only wine, but other wine products as well, such as coolers, cocktails, and punch.

“Grigio Girls” is a bonus track on Gaga’s latest album, written for her close friend with cancer. The song recalls how the singer and her friends would get together and have a bottle of wine to mourn their friend’s illness. Gaga’s parents own an Italian restaurant, Joanne, in New York City, where we imagine Gaga’s gained some experience working on her palate for her upcoming brand.

Gaga won’t be the first celebrity making wine on the market — though we’re anxious to see how hers measures up to the others. They don’t have a great track record.