What’s better than watching Predator? Watching Predator with Predator-themed whiskey.

Silver Screen Bottling Company and Fox Studios collaborated on an official Predator whiskey, Dutch Bourbon Whiskey, Food & Wine reports. The bourbon is based on the original 1987 film, and its name is a reference to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character, protagonist Major Alan “Dutch” Schaefer.  The label features the legendary phrase uttered by Dutch: “Get to the chopper!”

Along with the famous utterance, the bottle label depicts a military helicopter and Predator’s handsome head on its neck. It’s currently available for $34.99.

The Predator whiskey is “fit for someone who ain’t got time to bleed,” Silver Screen wrote on Instagram. The bourbon allegedly features “full-bodied flavor with hints of vanilla, coconut, and bergamot.” Learn more about it here.