From frozen rosé — sorry, frosé — to vodka-flavored ice pops, the alcoholic “cold” war shows no signs of slowing. Not with summer fast-approaching, and definitely not now that UK supermarket Sainsbury’s has entered the boozy snacks race with a Gin & Tonic sorbet.

The “fruity & refreshing” summer treat clocks up 2.1 percent ABV and follows the supermarket’s recent launch of a range of alcoholic ice pops.

With a “twist of lime” and just 66 calories per scoop, what could be better to combat the muggy seasonal heat than a spoon (or four) of G&T sorbet?

There’s just one snag: While the boozy treat has officially hit the supermarket’s freezers, it will sadly not be available in the U.S. (not through Sainsbury’s at least). Maybe it’s finally time to book that UK summer vacation?