Costco is at it again with yet another boozy pop option for adults who want get their buzz through frozen treats: Slim Chillers Skinny Freeze Wine Cocktails.

According to Michigan-based, Costco-obsessed Instagram account @costcobuys (which has upwards of 82K followers), the bulk retailer is now offering the frozen wine cooler at select locations.

Other offerings from the Costco freezer include Slim Chiller Skinny Freezers Vodka Martini pops; Claffey’s Frozen Cocktails wine pops; and Costco’s own Kirkland-brand vodka cocktail pops. The latter launched this summer.

The latest chillers are made with wine, are 8 percent ABV, and only 114 calories. If we’re getting technical, this is four calories higher per pop than Slim Chillers’ other brands, but still, it’s skinny enough.

Slurp up the frozen treats before summer’s over. When that time comes, well, you’ll have to face real glassware again.