$69 Flights to Europe Are Coming This Summer
$69 Flights to Europe Are Coming This Summer
Photo via Angel DiBilio / Shutterstock, Inc.

Have you recently been yearning to discover all of your favorite, dreamy European wine regions but can’t seem to find the budget? Apparently if you have $69, you just might be able to.

Norwegian Airlines has been taunting us travel-addicts with $69 flights to various European destinations from select origins in the USA, and it looks like the time is finally (almost) here. According to Food & Wine, Norwegian is set to receive a bunch of new Boeing 787 planes. While the lucky US origins set to receive a shipment is not yet decided, New Yorkers can rejoice: Stewart airport, 60 miles outside of the city, has been confirmed as one of the first locations.

The flights will primarily leave from smaller, secondary airports, keeping running costs low and leading to cheaper flights. At that price, we’d be happy with the bare minimum of accommodations, but as anyone that’s already flown Norwegian knows, although checked bags and meals are not included in low-cost tickets prices, the quality of service, seat comfort, and food for purchase selection is pretty legit.

While European destinations aren’t yet confirmed, we’re already dreaming up our summer wine-region itinerary. Tuscany, anyone?