Updated on 06-30-2020
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Type Distillery
Location Shadow Ridge Spirits Company
3044 Industry St #107
Oceanside,  CA
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Phone 8586337146
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About Shadow Ridge Spirits Company-SR Distilled Spirits

Shadow Ridge Spirits Company is a small, veteran-owned company consisting of my wife and myself. This is a part-time venture for us. I am a former Navy Surface Warfare Officer and currently work as a Federal Civilian Employee for the Department of Navy. My wife teaches high school. We spend most weekends at the distillery. We’re a great team and love distilling together.

Shadow Ridge Spirits Company specializes in premium small-batch, hand-crafted spirits. Our whiskies are 100 percent grain to glass and are aged in American White Oak barrels. We currently offer Bourbon, Rye, Peated Single Malt, and an American Single Malt. All of our whiskies feature unique grain bills that include specialty grains and malted barley. They are aged in charred oak barrels, which enhance the grain flavors and helps to develop vanilla, caramel, and cinnamon flavors. We primarily use 5 gallon, 10 gallon, and 15 gallons barrels.

Additionally, we offer both barrel-aged and silver rums which highlight the flavors and sweetness of high-grade sugars and molasses. We are in the R&D phase for Shadow Ridge Spirits Gin, which will provide a clean base-alcohol, allowing the hand-selected botanical to shine.

Small-batch distilling enables us to have fun and experiment with new recipes to highlight the various grain and yeast flavor profiles, adding another layer of complexity to our whiskies. As a result, I believe Shadow Ridge Spirits Company is able to provide the unique flavors to craft spirit customers who are seeking something different from the big brands. Besides, it’s more challenging to come up with something on our own rather than replicate another company’s product. Our products are available in 375ml bottles at the Oceanside Distillers tasting room, liquor stores, and bars.

Products Offered

Bourbon Whiskey
Straight Bourbon- Distilled from a mash of 53% Corn, Rounded out with three different specialty barley and rye. Robust bourbon highlighted with caramel, toffee, vanilla, and cinnamon flavors. 100% grain to glass. 90 proof/45% ABV.

Single Malt Whiskey
Distilled from Peated Barley, Cherry Wood Smoked Barley, Vienna Malt, and Crystal Malt. Matured in Ex-Bourbon barrels. Smokey and malty, with hints of stone fruit, leather, and tobacco spice. 100% grain to glass. 90 proof/45 % ABV.

Rye Whiskey
Distilled from Rye, Wheat, Vienna Malt, and Crystal Malt. A robust and lively whiskey with the patented spicy rye flavor that will wake up your palate. A strong finish with of hint a caramel and vanilla. 100% grain to glass. 90 proof/45% ABV.

American Single Malt Whiskey
Straight Whiskey distilled from Vienna, Munich, Crystal, and Chocolate Malt. Age in ex-bourbon barrels. Malt and toffee flavor forward with a dark chocolate and coffee finish. Great whiskey when an enjoying a cigar! 100% grain to glass. 90 proof/45 % ABV.

Dark Rum
Distilled from High Quality molasses and Demerara Sugar and aged in an ex-bourbon barrel. Rich and sweet rum enhanced with caramel, toffee, and vanilla. Great in cocktail or by itself. 90 proof/45 % ABV.

Light Rum
Distilled from High Quality molasses and Demerara Sugar. Rich and sweet rum with a fruity vanilla finish. Fantastic cocktail rum. 90 proof/45 % ABV.

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