Updated on 08-03-2020
Illustration: Shanee Benjamin
Type Distillery
Location PLUSH Vodka
8 Green STE
Dover,  DE
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About PLUSH Vodka

The success of PLUSH Vodka can be traced back to our founding principles as a company:

Build our brand
Differentiate our product
Know our audience
Our initial strategy was to build a brand around our product in order to create a strong market presence that will challenge the status quo—which as you may know, is increasingly competitive. This has been the key to our success and why PLUSH Vodka is getting attention from the loudest voices in the spirit market space.

PLUSH is more than just another vodka. We are unique in that we launched our brand with a plum flavored vodka rather than the predictable straight vodka because we wanted to stand out from the rest—right from the start. Because the launch of our plum flavored vodka differentiated our product, we were able to disrupt the market and get noticed which led to customers telling us they were wanting and waiting for the straight vodka to release. That allowed us to launch the straight vodka into a market that we had already created a strong demand in with established, loyal customers.

Furthermore, we knew right from the start that we needed a targeted approach both from a distribution as well as customer acquisition perspective. We strategically started in select markets and expanded out from there in order to control our growth so we could always maintain our ability to consistently provide supply for the demand.

Knowing our audience has been key. Rather than target everyone, we know that success is achieved through customer loyalty. Our customers have consistently been repeat buyers which has allowed us to maintain growth while still acquiring new customers every day. We know that going too broad in our marketing and targeting of customers may lead to one-off sales which will result in limited growth. So it is of the utmost importance to create a customer base of loyal consumers which will organically grow and allow us to sustain an upward sales and distribution trajectory.

We are a brand that started from the bottom but have realized success through both a dedicated team of talented and motivated people and a passionate customer base that continues to grow every day. We are excited to continue pushing forward in order to propel PLUSH Vodka into an area of the market that will compete with the biggest brands in this space.

Products Offered

PLUSH PLUM Vodka & PLUSH Pure Vodka

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