Updated on 06-30-2020
Illustration: Shanee Benjamin
Type Winery
Location Amour Genéve
29 Diane Drive
Lenoxville,  PA
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About Amour Genéve

Coviello Salinès is Purposed for Excellence! With the discovery and launch of Amour Genève- the world’s first FDA, TTB, and D.O.C-approved natural blue wine- He is revolutionizing the global wine and beverage industry one pour at a time. During Coviello’s travels overseas, he noticed an unnatural process in which Vintners add artificial coloring to white wines which he says “only taints the natural component of the grapes.” This observation eventually led the European E.U. to put a stop to the process. Realizing that he had a purpose to educate and inform, Coviello worked with European Vintners to formulate a more natural approach to coloring wine – the process (called anthocyanin extraction and molecular gastronomy) involves constructing a balance of compounds during the wine aging process to allow the natural release of a blue pigmentation. Coviello introduced this process to an organic verdejo harvest and Amour Genève was born, making it the first official naturally blue wine created. The color blue is also near and dear to Coviello’s heart. It was his late father’s favorite color. “To me, this was an indirect message from my father to achieve this goal which is why you see "In memory of FFS"[Freddie Francisco Salinès] on the bottle

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Amour Genéve- The World’s First Naturally Blue Wine

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