Drink 101: How to Say Cheers in 30 Different Languages

One thing’s for sure — traveling and drinking most definitely go hand in hand. Whether backpacking through Europe, sitting on a beach in Thailand, or hiking the mountains of South America, there’s no doubt that savoring an ice cold beer or refreshing glass of wine is certainly on the daily agenda.

When traveling to a foreign country, learning basic phrases in the local language is always a plus. Aside from “please” and “thank you,” we’ve deemed “Cheers!” the third most important phrase you need to know when traveling. Hey, you never know who you’ll meet in that beach-side bar, right?

For all of you world travelers, we’ve compiled a list of how to say “cheers” in 30 different languages, pronunciations included. Grab your passport, pour yourself a glass, and get to studying!

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Afrikaans – Gesondheid (Geh-soond-hate)
Albanian – Gëzuar (Geh-zoo-ah)
Arabic – في صحتك – (Fi-sih-tik)
Bosnian – Živjeli (Zee-veh-lee)
Chinese (Mandarin) – 干杯 (Gan-bay)
Croatian – Živjeli (Zee-veh-lee)
Czech – Na zdravi (Naz-drah-vee)
Dutch – Proost (Proost)
Filipino – Mabuhay (Ma-boo-hay)
Finnish – Kippis (Kipp-iss)
French – Santé (Sahn-tay)
German – Prost (Prost)
Greek – ΥΓΕΙΑ (Yah-mahs)
Hebrew – לחיים (Luh-kai-um)
Hungarian – Egészségedre (Eg-esh ay-ged-ruh)
Icelandic – Skál (Skowl)
Irish (Gaelic) – Sláinte (Slawn-chuh)
Italian – Salute (Sah-loo-tay)
Japanese – 乾杯 (Kan-pi)
Korean – 건배 (Gun-bay)
Norwegian – Skål (Skowl)
Polish – Na zdrowie (Nahz-droh-vee-ay)
Portuguese – Saúde (Sow-ood-uh)
Russian – Будем здоровы (Boo-dem Zdor-oh-vee)
Slovak – Na zdravie (Nahz-droh-vee-ay)
Spanish – Salud (Sah-lood)
Swedish – Skål (Skowl)
Thai – ไชโย (Chon-gow)
Turkish – Şerefe (Sher-if-fay)
Vietnamese – Dô (Djo)