For drinks news, 2022 was one heck of a year.

Between reality TV squabbles, soda-infused pepperoni pizza, and a beer-drinking horse promoted to village mayor, there was no shortage of interesting and wacky news to fill the past 12 months.

These are the top news stories from 2022 that surprised, delighted, and sometimes downright bamboozled us.

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12. World’s First Molecular Beverage Printer Raises $30M to Produce ‘Infinite Amount of Drinks’

The future is almost among us, and it looks boozy. The company behind an upcoming “infinite” molecular beverage printer claims the machine will be able to create an endless supply of drinks using only a few flavor compounds. There’s no word yet on how practical — or expensive — the machine might be, so this remains one to watch.

A molecular beverage printer is illustrated.
Credit: Ariela Basson

11. Watch: Thief Casually Swipes $4,000 Cognac Bottle from a San Jose Restaurant

In a viral video that surfaced in March, one restaurant visitor was pictured snatching a bottle of century-old Cognac from behind the bar at Mount Hamilton Grandview Restaurant in California. Apparently, the woman also later returned the expensive bottle to the restaurant and the owner subsequently didn’t press charges. A happy ending all round.

A thief is pictured with two cognac bottles.
Credit: Ariela Basson

10. New ‘Eggo Nog’ Liqueur Tastes Like Toasted Waffles

Delicious or straight out of left field? That’s for you to decide. In this October release, Sugarlands Distilling Co. combined the sweet richness of toasty waffles with a creamy eggnog mix, which sounds like the ideal (and festive!) breakfast-for-dinner situation.

The Eggo Nog bottle and a cup of the sipping cream is pictured.
Credit: Sugarlands Distilling Co.

9. What Did Taylor Swift Mean by ‘Cheap-Ass Screw-Top Rosé,’ Anyway?

If the queen Swiftie says it, it must be law. In the tune “Maroon” on her newest album “Midnights,” Swift accuses a bottle of “cheap-ass” pink wine for making her end up on the floor. Did she go too far by bringing the bottle’s closure into the mix? Maybe so. As the facts demonstrate, it’s silly to write off all screw-cap wines as inexpensive or low-quality.

Three bottles of screw-top pink wine are pictured.

8. #TequilaGate Is Dividing Fans of ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’

Bottom line: We should all read the room when taking tequila shots. In a Season 12 episode of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” (aired in September), drama ensues when one housewife chooses Kendall Jenner’s tequila over the brand in which her friend recently invested. Even Paris Hilton entered the conversation on Twitter to say the housewife’s actions were “so unkind.”

Four salt-rimmed tequila shots lined up on a table, one with a lime balanced on top.

7. Pepsi-Infused Pepperoni Pizza Now Exists

Just because we can, doesn’t mean we should. In perhaps the most bizarre collab of 2022, Pepsi and the Culinary Institute of America developed this monster of a dish. In defense of this culinary curiosity, the creator claims that the citrusy twist of a cold Pepsi cuts the pepperoni’s savory notes. That’s for you to decide, if you’re brave enough to try.

Pepperoni pizza is pictured next to a can of Pepsi.
Credit: Ariela Basson

6. Kendall Jenner’s New $200 Tequila Bottle Looks Like a Giant Pretzel

While this isn’t the first tequila introduced from K. Jenner-backed brand 818, it’s perhaps the weirdest bottle design. Reminiscent of a figure eight, pretzel, or trendy flower vase, this bottle looks hilariously impractical. Then there’s the taste, which, based on Kim K’s reaction to (seemingly) tasting the spirit, isn’t looking so hot either.

The new bottle of 818 tequila, shaped like a figure eight.
Credit: 818 Tequila

5. For the Second Year in a Row, a U.S. Open Fan Goes Viral for Chugging Beer in 7 Seconds

One fan returned to the U.S. Open championship for a second year in a row, prepared to slurp down a beer in a matter of seconds. Captured on the stadium’s Jumbotron, she finished her cup of beer in an astonishing seven seconds, earning her both cheers from the crowd and a short run of fame online.

A woman in a beige dress chugs beer while standing next to a man who raises his hands, cheering.
Credit: U.S. Open via Twitter

4. Anheuser-Busch Drops Super Bowl Exclusivity for First Time in Three Decades

Next year’s Super Bowl ads are set to look a bit different. In this bombshell news drop, Anheuser-Busch shared its intentions to drop exclusive rights to advertising during the big game. Expect to see more beer brands next year instead.

A person opens a bottle of Budweiser.
Credit: Sunshine Seeds –

3. Stouffer’s Lasagna Bloody Mary Mix Is a Thing

You’ve heard of having drinks with dinner, but what about dinner-inspired drinks? Stouffer’s took a leap with this launch, and judging by its quick sellout, this Bloody Mary mix was certainly popular. What’s more appetizing than layer upon layer of noodles, perched precariously on top of a cocktail?

A Bloody Mary cocktail is pictured with a slice of lasagna as garnish. A bottle is set in the background.
Credit: Stouffer’s

2. I Dew: Hard MTN Dew Is Inviting One Fan to Marry a Can in a Las Vegas Ceremony

Would you say “I do” to the Dew? To commemorate the launch of its HARD MTN DEW, the brand hosted a real-life wedding to a soda can. File this under “bizarre promotional campaigns” of the year. We have nothing but well wishes for the happy couple.

Three cans of HARD MTN DEW are pictured.

1. This British Village’s ‘Mayor’ Is a Beer-Drinking Horse

Patrick, the four-legged mayor of one British village, is the moment. Of course, this sparked controversy online from animal rights activists about the consequences of an equine sipping a beer. However, it turns out that it’s completely fine, and even sometimes medically advisable. Curious about what’s happening with our favorite Guinness-slurping politician? Follow Pat’s political career on social media.

A man stands next to a small pony who is dressed in a costume.
Credit: Kirk Petrakis via Twitter