Let’s just get one thing straight: You are not walking out that door without your lipstick on. Your smokey eye is perfect, your outfit is on fleek, and your neck and ears are festooned with diamonds, diamonds, diamonds, but without lipstick, you’re just a wannabe. Lipstick is the finishing touch that makes you runway ready. It COMPLETES you.

Thing is, you’re going out in that dress and those heels. And when you’re out, you’re going to be drinking. It turns out that wine and lipstick have a lot in common. Just as a ravishing red rounds out your look, a carefully chosen Cabernet sets the tone for your evening out.

So don’t waste your time leaving lipstick trails in all of the wrong places. Use these perfect wine and lipstick pairings to achieve that heightened, magical tone that lipstick — and wine — were made for.

Your Definitive Guide to Pairing Lipstick With Wine [INFOGRAPHIC]