It’s no secret that Italians love bubbles. In fact, according to Signorvino, the largest chain of wine stores in Italy, nearly 80 percent of its total sales in 2018 were sparkling wine. And Italians don’t just drink a lot of bubbly — they also make a ton of it.

While you may know Prosecco — the fun, accessible sparkler made in the Charmat method that’s become Italy’s bubbly calling card — it’s not the only region in the country renowned for its sparkling wine. Sparkling wine is made all over Italy.

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On this episode of “Sip Trip,” we focus not only on Prosecco, but also on Trento DOC and Franciacorta, both styles that are made in the traditional method, also known as method Champenois.

Together, these three wines represent the full range of your Italian bubbly needs, from special occasions and long-term aging, to casual Monday night aperitivos. Join us as we explore each wine and the regions that make each of them special.

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