The Negroni’s popularity has soared over the past few years. Whether that’s due to strategic marketing or the boozy punch it packs, the Negroni’s irresistible balance of complex flavor and simple preparation make it ideal for experimentation.

Though a traditional Negroni is made with equal parts vermouth, Campari, and gin, variations on the classic can take these flavors to new heights.

So start slicing up those orange rinds, gather your best glassware, and discover your new favorite aperitif with these takes on the Negroni.

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Rum Negroni Recipe

Not a fan of the explosive, bitter flavors of a classic Negroni? Think of this Mediterranean-inspired cocktail as your Negroni training wheels. Replacing gin with dark rum adds an inviting lightness to this rich cocktail, making it perfect for warm-weather sipping.

The Tequila Negroni Recipe

Looking for a summery Negroni variation? This recipe is calling your name. Sub tequila for gin, and add 18.21 Blood Orange + Ginger Shrub to balance out this fun and crisp drink.

The Pineapple Negroni Recipe

Sweet, tangy pineapple pairs with the bitterness of Campari in this fruity take on the Negroni. This recipe is perfect for those with more tropical fruit-loving tastes, and garnishing with a pineapple slice makes for a charming presentation.

The White Chocolate Negroni Recipe

Take a sweet sidestep from the classic Negroni template with this decadent iteration that falls somewhere between a Negroni and an Old Pal, which combines equal parts whiskey, vermouth, and Campari. White chocolate syrup gives this drink a dessert-like flavor, and complements the whiskey’s smokiness.

The Mexican Summer Negroni Recipe

Not sure what to do with those extra strawberries? This lively beverage takes advantage of the summer fruit by calling for strawberries to soak in Campari for a few days, before being properly mixed with a mellow reposado tequila.

The Calvados Negroni Recipe

For a Negroni ideal for autumn, look no further. This recipe uses Calvados — an apple and pear brandy — in place of gin for a food-friendly beverage perfect for fall sipping. Garnish this festive drink with an orange twist for a classic presentation.

The Negroni Bramble Recipe

Negroni meets Bramble in this icy refreshment. Leave out the gin and use two types of vermouth — sweet and blanco — for a bold, flavorful concoction you’ll want to sip all summer. The best part? You can make this drink directly in the glass, making for easy cleanup.

Negroni Pops Recipe

Summer never tasted so sweet. These Negroni-inspired popsicles mimic the rich and bitter flavors of the Negroni — and they pack its boozy punch, too. Combine the classic Negroni ingredients with homemade or store-bought strawberry-grapefruit juice. Or, play with flavor combinations and use any juice of your choice.

The Pineapple Negroni Sour Recipe

This variation is a little more advanced, using egg whites to create a creamy texture. That little extra effort creates an ideal beverage to consume after a large meal. It’s light, refreshing, and sour, and its cloud-like texture makes it easy to sip more than one. Combine pineapple juice, egg whites, and white vermouth — and for a little extra sweetness, this recipe uses Aperol instead of Campari.

Grapefruit Negroni Recipe

This low-alcohol take on the Negroni is perfect for daytime enjoyment. It replaces vermouth with grapefruit-honey syrup to amplify the flavors of Campari and add a hint of sweetness. The result is a bright and tangy refreshment ideal for poolside sipping.

The Rosemary-Smoked Negroni Recipe

This herbal riff on the Negroni is as playful as it is flavorful. Make a classic Negroni, and garnish with a sprig of rosemary. We recommend using a kitchen torch or lighter to smoke the garnish and add a savory, aromatic flavor to your drink.