As the air becomes brisk, the nights become longer, and the holiday season approaches, our taste buds begin to shift. No longer seeking the sweet, frozen, or fruity, our palates turn to flavors both warming and comforting.

This year, Starbucks’ infamous Pumpkin Spice Latte (PSL for short) returned to menus on Aug. 24, its earliest release date ever — thus signifying that our collective love for all things autumnal and spiced is in full swing.

From baking spices to hardy herbs, these drinks have all the aromas of fall. Read on for 10 spiced and spicy cocktail recipes that will satisfy cool weather cravings.

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The Nor’easter Recipe

The Nor'easter is a great spiced cocktail for fall.

This drink, developed by Bill Harden of TAPS at The Georges, is the perfect storm of smoke and spice. To make one, combine bourbon, apple brandy, Ancho Reyes, egg white, maple syrup, and citrus. Strain into a coupe, and top with grated cinnamon.

The Spiced Mai Tai Recipe

The Spiced Mai Tai is a great spiced cocktail for fall.

This recipe brings a tropical favorite into the chilly months. Made with white rum, orange juice, lime, and triple sec, it replaces orgeat with festive five-spice syrup and aromatic bitters. Top with star anise and a rosemary sprig, and toast with an open flame for added aroma.

The Electron Recipe

The Electron is a great spiced cocktail for fall.

Created by Chicago bartender Julia Momosé, the Electron combines the flavors of mezcal and cinnamon with the refreshing tastes of fresh lime, carrot, and orange juices. Serve in a coupe glass rimmed with coarse sea salt and pink peppercorns for a sipping experience full of earthy spice.

The Spiced Royale Recipe

The Spiced Royale is a great spiced cocktail for fall.

Bring wine cocktails into fall with the Spiced Royale. The deep flavors of Lambrusco combine with the botanicals of gin, while the freshness of lime juice rounds it all out. Add homemade cinnamon syrup, and garnish with a lemon peel and cinnamon stick. Dynamic and effervescent, this cocktail is sure to become a seasonal staple.

Flaming Hot Toddy Recipe

The Flaming Hot Toddy is a great spiced cocktail for fall.

Your Hot Toddy just got hotter. The Flaming Hot Toddy calls for cinnamon whiskey, like Fireball or Spitball, herbal tea, lemon, and honey, resulting in a cocktail that will warm you from the inside out. Top with a cinnamon stick for added presentation and a hit of spice.

Winter Gin & Tonic Recipe

The Winter Gin & Tonic is a great spiced cocktail for fall.

A simple, two-ingredient cocktail, the Gin and Tonic is easy to make and even easier to riff on. This version brings the cocktail into the crisp weather with the addition of spiced simple syrup — made with cloves, allspice, and cinnamon — and orange juice. It’s topped with whole cloves, allspices, and a rosemary sprig for a festive presentation.

The Frozen Eggnog Recipe

The Frozen Eggnog is a great spiced cocktail for fall.

Don’t want to wait until June for your next frozen concoction? You’ve come to the right place. This ice-cold cocktail incorporates fall’s warming flavors into a wintry milkshake. Blend together eggs, sugar, milk, cream, nutmeg, cinnamon, and rum, and chill overnight. This decadent beverage is perfect for batching and serving at holiday parties.

The Oaxacan Ginger Toddy Recipe

The Oaxacan Ginger Toddy is a great spiced cocktail for fall.

The smoky flavors of mezcal are a welcome addition to the classic Hot Toddy. The smoky spirit is complemented by the spice of ginger tea and yellow chartreuse, and a hand-shaken heavy cream floater rounds out its texture for a full-flavored autumn warmer.

The Pumpkin Spice Flip

The Pumpkin Spice Flip is a great spiced cocktail for fall.

Think your PSL can’t get any better? Try adding some rum to the mix. Made with fresh pumpkin puree, egg white, honey simple syrup, and pumpkin spice blend, this cocktail has the foamy texture of a latte with none of the artificial flavors. It’s sure to be a crowd favorite.

The Extra Spicy Bloody Mary Recipe

The Extra Spicy Bloody Mary is a great spiced cocktail for fall.

Pairing omelets and French toast with booze is a brunch-goer’s pastime, and Bloody Marys are rarely missing from the array of brightly colored beverages on the table. This version of the classic tomato-based beverage adds an extra kick to the drink, making it ideal for chilly days. Vodka, tomato juice, black pepper, paprika, and Worcestershire sauce are combined with a few dashes of hot sauce for added heat. The beverage can be topped with garnishes from celery and stuffed olives to mini sandwiches galore.