A Complete Intro To The Wines Of Germany

A Complete Introduction To The Wines Of Germany: MAP & INFOGRAPHIC

While most Americans rightfully associate Germany with its wonderful beer, you might be surprised to learn that the country is the world’s tenth largest producer of wine. Given how much wine Germany produces, it shouldn’t be a surprise that there’s much more to German wine than the sweet Rieslings (Blue Nun anyone?) American wine consumers often […]

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Pro/Con The Great Pumpkin Beer Debate

Pro/Con: Is Pumpkin Beer Awful Or Great?

Drinking often comes with strong opinions. Which is why we’re launching a new series, Pro/Con, where we’ll argue some of the more contentious booze issues. With today being the first day of fall, we thought there was no subject more appropriate to debate than pumpkin beer. While some people really love pumpkin beer, other people […]

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Wine Storage

9 Liquor Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

Though we may wish we did, most of us don’t live in homes with wine cellars or even enough space to accomodate our liquor collections. But that doesn’t mean we can’t find tasteful, spacially economical ways to display them. Here are nine of our favorite booze storage solutions for small spaces. 1. A simple wire mesh basket on the kitchen […]

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Our Interview With Jancis Robinson

Forget Apps & Scores: Jancis Robinson Explains Why Wine Consumers Should Educate Themselves

Jancis Robinson is without question one of the most respected wine critics in the world, and with good reason: she’s been responsible for creating informative yet accessible content for decades. And this month she has released the fourth edition of what many, including us here at VinePair, regard to be the best book there is […]

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Drinking Beer Makes Your Breasts Bigger

Is Beer The Key To Bigger Breasts?

When I was younger, I used to do exercises I learned from Judy Blume books to make my boobs grow. Turns out there’s a more efficient, less chant-based tactic for getting your breasts tor grow: drink beer. Hops, one of four central ingredients in beer and the one responsible for adding flavor, comes from the female flower […]

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