The Flavors In Spirits Visualized

The Flavors In Your Liquor, Visualized

Like beer, spirits have a wide range of tastes and aromas. Lots of things contribute to the flavor profile of a liquor: its ingredients, how it’s aged and what it’s aged in, how many rounds of distillation it’s gone through, where it’s made, plus certain x factors we can’t quite put our finger on. Even […]

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Red Wine Benefits

7 Amazing Health Benefits Of Red Wine

Wine, not only delicious, but also good for you. If you’re a wine lover, you probably need minimal excuses to open a bottle, but the fact that the contents inside that bottle are good for your health when consumed in moderation is one of the best legitimate excuses you could have. Who doesn’t want to […]

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What We Savored This Week

What We Savored This Week – Friday June 26

Our favorite reads from around the web this week, as well as memorable drinks and meals — the essentials that inspire our liquid-fueled adventures at VinePair. The Summer Drink You’ll Dream About – Refinery29 Can Craft Beer Survive AB InBev – Bloomberg Jordan’s craft brewery brings beer back to its birthplace – Al Jazeera How High […]

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Champagne Vs. Cava Vs. Prosecco

The Differences Between Champagne, Prosecco & Cava [INFOGRAPHIC]

For a long time Champagne was the only ”good” sparkling wine that most Americans drank. Those days are long gone; today there’s a good chance you’ll see good Italian Proseccos and Spanish Cavas on wine lists and at your local wine shop. But what are the differences between these three popular sparklers? The chart below reveals the […]

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