10 Shades Of Rose Wine

10 Shades Of Rosé

America loves rosé. Exports of the pretty pink wine from Provence to the U.S. spiked 29% in volume from October 2013 to October 2014 – and that’s just one small slice of the rosé pie. These days, it seems every winery is vying to make their own popular rosé. Rosé is often known as “pink […]

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Don't be intimidated at a wine bar

Owning It At A Wine Bar, Part I

Going out to dinner and enjoying a glass of wine or two is an awesome way to spice up the mundanity of a week or celebrate the weekend. Many restaurants, especially Italian restaurants like staff favorite In Vino, offer both a delicious variety of plates and wines. The problem is, while ordering food comes pretty […]

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A Half Century Of Sexist Beer Ads

13 Sexist Beer Ads Show How Little Has Changed Since The 1950s

Last week we took a look at the way ”chick drinks” are marketed to women, spurred on by the this-cannot-be-real-but-it-is collagen-infused beer that Suntory is pitching to women in Japan. The name of that beer? Precious. While a collagen-infused beer ”for women” definitely crossed a line of taste (and sanity?) we were a bit surprised existed, […]

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